©CHOOSEYOURTELESCOPE is primarily intended for people who wish to acquire some astronomical equipment but do not have the knowledge to choose autonomously. It teaches the fundamentals of astronomical observations:

1. The different types of celestial objects, their trackings and their movements in the sky.
2. The obstacles encountered during visual observation of these celestial objects.
3. The characteristics and composition of different amateur astronomy instruments.
4. The fields of use of each of these instruments.
5. The equipment to be used depending on what one wants to see.

We ensure that all information on this site are as accurate and precise as possible (> We gladly accept your criticisms and suggestions). Our goal is to provide enough informations for you to make your choice, while not overwhelm you with unnecessary details.

If you wish to buy directly from the hardware CHOOSEYOURTELESCOPE® recommend the tools best suited to your budget. We selected products that have the best quality/price ratio and are easy to use and maintain.

Note: CHOOSEYOURTELESCOPE® will be constantly changing. A chapter on astrophotography will come very soon.

We remain at your disposal for any questions.